Gaspar goes fishing

Gaspar goes fishing tells the story of a giant otter cub trying to learn lessons from its parents and siblings and also discovering interactions between humans and giant otters. The book provides information about the behavior and characteristics of this species that is one of the most endangered mammals in the Pantanal. The book brings us a message of hope, that humans can coexist with animals in a respectful way.

Children will also learn and have fun with the interactive activities included in the book, like coloring pages and an origami manual for creating a paper giant otter.

By making a small donation to the Giant Otter Project, you will receive a copy of the book*. For every USD 15.00 donated, you will receive one book. After making the donation, fill in the form (link bellow) with your personal informations, in order to we will be able to send the book.

* We will be able to send the book to North America and Europe. If you would like to receive the book in a different country, please contact us before making the donation.


Donations from outside Brazil can be done through , by clickling on the link bellow:

The Giant Otter Project thanks your donation.

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